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How To Lose Love Handles

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How To Lose Love Handles!

As you go through the information on this site you will get simple truths about how to lose love handles! There is a lot of information out there for how to lose your love handles. A lot of it works to some degree, but some is just silly. On this site we try to teach you how to get rid of love handles by focusing on information that keeps life pleasant, simple and healthy while still accomplishing your goal!

To start with, you should know that losing love handles takes some work! You are going to have to change your lifestyle to some degree. The real problem is not that you have just randomly put on some extra fat on your sides, but that you have changed the way your body is processing the foods you are eating and the types of foods you are eating is keeping it that way. To get rid of love handles you will need to change what you eat to heal the issues with your digestive tract, as well as decrease the hormones that store fat and increase the hormones that burn fat. We will get into those details a little later on another page. First we want to give you some tips.

Through your health journey to burn fat remember that everyone has different genetics and will burn fat in different areas of their body at different rates. Therefore, you can’t just get rid of your love handles without burning fat in other areas of your body and your body will pretty much decide where it wants to burn fat. But, most people don’t mind dropping some fat in other areas anyway, as long as they still get rid of those darn love handles.

We also want to inform you that the scale is not your friend. As you are on your quest to lose your love handles (which can take some time) the scale will often times say you have gained weight or stayed the same. Don’t fully believe it! As you workout and eat healthy food, you will probably build a little muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat for its size, so you can shrink in size but still weigh the same. Your body can also fluctuate up and down due to water weight and/or food weight. Water and food in your body is not bad weight, in fact weight is not bad; it’s having bad health and too much fat on your body that is bad.

To know if you are making progress, measure around your waist, arms, legs, and any other areas where you may want to see some results. Many people will weigh the same as when they started their path to get rid of love handles, but will see results in the mirror, how their clothes fit, and results in their body measurements.

Getting rid of love handles takes some time, so don’t think if you didn’t lose weight on the scale in one day that nothing is happening. You have to give your body some time to adjust and heal from your old lifestyle to your new healthy lifestyle of nutritious food. When you fix your inner body, you will then see lasting results on the outside.

To make understanding all the information for how to get rid of love handles easier for you, we have broken-down the information into small, comprehensible sections. Those sections are found on the left side of the site. You will also find some other fitness and health related information.

Before you go on too far, book mark this site to be able to return and find information to improve your physical fitness.

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We hope we answer your questions and wish you the best of luck as you learn how to get rid of love handles and live a healthier life.

How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

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